Professional Pet Sitter

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Pet Sitting

  • Take in all mail and deliveries
  • Turn on/off lights
  • Turn on/off TV/Stereo
  • Open/Shut curtains/Blinds
  • Garbage to curb and back
  • Water plants within reason 

  • Food, Water, Medications
  • Walking / Exercise/ TLC
  • Any pet clean up necessary, scooping litter boxes, cleaning cages
  • Daily report's/text/photo's/videos sent to your phone

​​Giving the home a "lived in " look


Pet Sitting-This is done in your home. We can come to your home up to three times daily.for 30 minutes each time. Your pet can stay home,where everything is familiar. No hassle of getting them in the crate to carry them back and forth to a place where they are confined to a small area. No extra charges for walks or specialized playtime. We do everything you ask us to for one reasonable price. This also includes bringing in the mail, newspaper, and packages. We also can carry the garbage/out/in. We offer to water your plants within reason. We can even check your skimmer basket and add chemicals to your pool if necessary. We will open/shut blinds and/or shades, as well as turn on/off lights and TV/Stereo, to give your home a"lived in" look. This can be a great crime deterrent, especially when dogs are in the home. This is done inclusively in our pricing. You can come straight home and they will be there to greet you. Make your reservation today.